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The KolliKrake®, an advanced robotic arm system, is revolutionizing warehouse and distribution centers through automation and increased efficiency. Inspired by the precision of human movements, it combines two innovative arms: one with an adaptable suction plate and another with a support plate, for safe and precise handling.

The in-house developed image processing system enables quick and precise positioning of goods, optimized for repackaging, mixing and picking processes. Connected to a multi-purpose robot, the KolliKrake® expands warehouse logistics capabilities, surpassing traditional systems and setting new standards in automation.

Whether it's about increasing efficiency, reducing error rates, or seamless integration into existing systems, the KolliKrake® is the answer. Ideal for demanding tasks in food and postal logistics as well as other sectors, the KolliKrake® is a future-proof solution that increases efficiency and quality in your logistics processes.

Our “KolliKrake®” is not just a product – it is the answer to the challenges that companies in postal and parcel logistics as well as food logistics face every day. With it you can redistribute packages efficiently and effortlessly repack, sort, mix and pick food containers, all in record time. This is possible both on pallets and in roll containers of various sizes. But that is not all.

Operational application profile

The KolliKrake® can grip and move packages in almost all variants, large or small, trays or foil-covered packaging units such as water bottles or boxes. With the ability to remove a single package from one layer and place it in a targeted manner on another layer, the KolliKrake® offers unique flexibility for a variety of tasks:


Efficient repacking of packages from large to small pallets.


Putting together mixed packages on a pallet has been optimized Delivery processes.


Precise picking and placing on or in roll containers.


Quick and safe unloading of roll containers of various package sizes.

Preview image roll container picking video
Roll container picking
Preview image package handling video
Package handling

Product features

Highly flexible multi-joint arms

The KolliKrake® has two highly flexible arms that are equipped with multiple joints. The arms are designed to provide unparalleled mobility and precision. They can move and adapt in a variety of directions, allowing the handling of goods from all industries of different shapes and sizes.

Innovative combination of suction plate and gripper arm

A unique feature of the KolliKrake® is the combination of one arm with a movable suction plate and another with a stabilizing support plate. This design makes it possible to safely pick up and handle products with different surfaces and consistencies. The suction plate can adapt to different object shapes, while the support plate provides additional stability during handling.

Advanced image processing system

The KolliKrake® is equipped with a modern image processing system that enables quick and accurate product identification. The system can recognize various products of different sizes and shapes, record their positions and automatically generate precise coordinates.

Intelligent software control

The KolliKrake® is controlled via advanced software that enables efficient management of product data and handling processes. facilitates integration into existing logistics systems. It ensures optimized communication between the robot controller and the vision system, making the entire operation smoother and more efficient.

Multi-axis articulated robot for ultimate precision

The KolliKrake® is connected to a sophisticated multi-axis articulated robot, which enables precise control of the gripper arms. This technology allows the KolliKrake to act quickly and accurately. The combination of the multi-axis bending robot and the advanced technology of the KolliKrake® enables efficient and precise processing of goods, which significantly increases productivity.


Precision and efficiency

The KolliKrake® combines multi-articulated arms with an advanced vision system to ensure unparalleled precision and speed in goods handling, minimizing your error rates and maximizing process efficiency.

Versatility and adaptability

The KolliKrake® enables the handling of a wide range of products of different shapes and sizes, making the KolliKrake® a universal solution for various of your handling tasks.

Intuitive and seamless integration

Thanks to user-friendly software and flexible configuration, the KolliKrake® can be easily integrated into your existing processes.

Reliability and quality assurance

As a patent-protected solution, the KolliKrake® stands for high-quality, reliable technology that increases your competitiveness.

Scalability for future growth

The flexibility of the KolliKrake® makes it ideal for companies that want to adapt their operational capacities to changing market requirements, making it a future-proof investment.


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