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The WaveBreaker marks a decisive advance in Industry 4.0, as it revolutionizes the automated loading and unloading of pallets and pallet boxes in trucks as well as the entire intralogistics process. The WaveBreaker significantly accelerates your material flow, making it a real game changer.

How this works?

Direct loading from the high-bay warehouse to the truck is made possible by the innovative Dachshund technology of the WaveBreaker. The truck loading process starts at the A point of the warehouse, without the need for pre-picking in front of the truck gate. The dachshund, representative of the FTS system, picks up the goods at the A point of the warehouse and is from then on “married” to them. The pallet therefore remains present in the storage system until the WaveBreaker has safely placed it in the truck. This almost zero lead time reduces the picking process to the time the truck arrives. There is no need for time-consuming scanning before loading and the loss of a pallet is almost impossible. The WaveBreaker can process up to three load units simultaneously, using the sophisticated combination of turntable and lifting swivel fork to maneuver loads precisely in the truck, without human intervention. The Dachshund takes over the replenishment and smoothly transfers the pallet to the WaveBreaker.

Our patent-pending system combines the flexibility of a traditional forklift with the advanced technology of an automated guided vehicle system, setting new standards in efficiency and automation. The special feature of the machine is its ability to operate various truck bodies with different widths, heights or lengths and to carry out the loading and unloading process fully automatically. In combination with our Dachshund technology, which enables direct loading from the high-bay warehouse to the truck, the WaveBreaker fundamentally changes handling in storage and distribution centers and thus contributes to a significant increase in efficiency and effectiveness in your company.

Operational application profile

Load diversity

The WaveBreaker is capable of handling various cargo units such as Euro pallets, ISO pallets and American pallets as well as mesh boxes.

Load and unload

Efficient loading and unloading of containers, trucks and semi-trailers, both for partial and full loads.

Flexible pallet handling

Thanks to an integrated turntable, the WaveBreaker can arrange pallets both lengthwise and crosswise. Up to three pallets can be placed next to each other in the cargo area.


The vertically movable fork unit allows the Wavebreaker to stack and unstack pallets, which optimizes the use of space in the loading area.

Product features

Stable driving unit

The WaveBreaker is based on a robust driving frame that integrates the conveyor technology, the control elements and the energy storage. Low-wear drive and steering wheels control and drive the WaveBreaker. This design ensures reliable functionality even under demanding conditions and ensures a long service life.

Conveyor technology

Equipped with direct-drive roller conveyors and a turntable, the WaveBreaker allows precise alignment of pallets in a transverse or longitudinal orientation for effective placement in the truck.

Versatile lifting and swiveling fork

The heart of the WaveBreaker, the lift-swivel fork, is a masterpiece of engineering. As the central element of the WaveBreaker, the lifting and swiveling fork enables precise picking up and placing of pallets. The suspension points of the fork are mounted on the chassis in a torsionally elastic manner. With the lifting and swiveling fork, all pallet spaces at the front can be reached. This means that the pallets can be picked up with the fork.

Advanced scanner technology

The WaveBreaker's integrated 3D scanners continuously capture the surroundings to ensure safe navigation and precise driving operations. This technology meets all safety requirements and contributes to smooth operation.

Reliable energy supply

The WaveBreaker is powered by powerful lithium-ion batteries, which provide a sustainable energy source. The batteries can be charged via induction loops or traditional charging stations, giving the Wavebreaker flexible use.

Advanced scanners and control technology

State-of-the-art scanners form the “eyes” of the WaveBreaker, while a powerful on-board computer processes the scanner data. The WaveBreaker's onboard computer acts as the processing center of the machine. It interprets the data from the scanners, calculates target coordinates and transmits precise driving instructions to the drive servos. This combination of modern sensors and intelligent control enables efficient and precise handling of loads.


Universal applicability

The WaveBreaker can flexibly handle different truck systems and dimensions, regardless of the width, length or height of the load. This versatility sets it apart from conventional systems.

Energy efficiency and sustainable operation

The use of lithium-ion batteries and induction charging makes the WaveBreaker an environmentally friendly and sustainable option in warehouse logistics.

Safety Concept

Our self-developed WaveBreaker Safety Concept ensures the highest safety standards for people and machines. By integrating the latest scanner technology, we maximize safety for people and machines.

Integrated Dachshund technology

The Dachshund docks onto the WaveBreaker and transports the pallet to the free space on the Wavebreaker. The Dachshund allows direct loading from the high-bay warehouse, eliminating the need to collect and buffer pallets in the loading zone.

European patent pending

The WaveBreaker stands for high-quality, reliable technology. The European patent of the WaveBreaker underlines its uniqueness and innovation leadership in warehouse logistics to strengthen your competitive position.


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